Psaligraphic print: Twitter


‘Twitter’ can be bought as a numbered and signed psaligraphic print. Contact Museum for Paper Art for enquiries surrounding purchases.

Bit Vejle created this cutting while listening to music by the Danish composer Hans Christian Lumbye (1810-1874). The border of this cutting was inspired by Royal Copenhagen’s famous blue fluted lace pattern.

Each and every figure in the image has its own story to tell: It all started a beautiful sunny morning, when Frank the Mouse realized that his favourite royal tree had been occupied by no less than 69 bold birds, four motorcars, three wise men on camels, a cheeky monkey, a coffee pot, and the Danish composer H.C. Lumbye. The mouse, whose real name is Bjørn (Bear), goes by the name Frank because he thinks it’s silly to be named Bjørn (Bear) when he is a mouse.

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A numbered psaligraphic print can be compared to a lithograph, which is also produced in a limited edition series.

While the psaligraphic cuttings on show at Museum for Paper Art were created using only scissors, Bit Vejle has developed an advanced digital multi-step technique for her one-off works, which enables her to create laser cuttings of exquisite quality. The prints differ from the exhibited original by, for instance, having handmade details. Every print is numbered, stamped, and signed.
The materials are carefully selected fine art products.
The paper is acid-free Hahnemühle 918, 280 gr/m2.

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Dimensions 210 × 155 × 4 cm


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