Psaligraphic print: Dragon egg


‘Dragon egg’ can be bought as a numbered and signed psaligraphic print. Available in black and white. This product is in white.

This psaligraphic print is a part of Bit Vejle’s series of 7 original works for the worldwide exhibition Paper Dialogues:

The third egg of the past is inspired by the magnificent dragon ornamentation in Norwegian Medieval woodwork. Dragon ornaments were used in the decoration of stave churches, built by successful farmers as symbols of status and wealth. Egg 3 also presents a queen figure from Urnes stave church, sitting on a dragon throne. The queen holds the keys to the grain and food storage in her hand, an important symbol of power. From a Scandinavian perspective the original queen figure has certain Asian characteristics, which also intrigued the artist. The birds flying freely in this egg indicate a Christian awakening.


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A numbered psaligraphic print can be compared to a lithograph, which is also produced in a limited edition series.

While the psaligraphic cuttings on show at Museum for Paper Art were created using only scissors, Bit Vejle has developed an advanced digital multi-step technique for her one-off works, which enables her to create laser cuttings of exquisite quality. The prints differ from the exhibited original by, for instance, having handmade details. Every print is numbered, stamped, and signed.
The materials are carefully selected fine art products.
The paper is acid-free Hahnemühle 918, 280 gr/m2.

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