Ballerina mug with anchor


Ballerina mug with anchor from Porsgrund. The Ballerina’s power tool is an anchor, and it symbolises that you should never give up hope.

Ballerina Bulldog is also available as paper cuttings, cards, booklet, bracelets, t-shirts and notebook.

Porsgrund is one of Norway’s best porcelain manufacturers, and the tableware is covered by a breakage warranty. The porcelain parts of the tableware are burned at 1300 degrees Celsius and are thus dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and even oven safe.


The Ballerina Bulldog concept is rooted in Søren Kierkegaard’s philosophy. The exhibition shows Ballerina Bulldog, who, with the help of her power tools, takes responsibility for herself and her tightrope dance through life.

The Ballerina Bulldog brings on her life’s journey a number of different power tools (inner strengths), which she produces and uses when in need of extra power. She finds her life power in her heart. The Bulldog is by far the Ballerina’s most important power tool. Hardly a beauty, the Bulldog has personality – and is faithful! The Bulldog thus symbolizes the need to be yourself and to be true to who you are.

The Ballerina Bulldog concept is depicted in 21 paper cuttings with the Ballerina Bulldog character in the title role.

It is no coincidence that Bit Vejle chose a ballerina as her lead character for this concept. The Ballerina was not cast because of her good looks. Quite the opposite! She symbolizes what human beings can achieve when they apply themselves to the task. A ballerina has many, many years of extremely demanding and dedicated work ahead of her before she achieves the utmost in her art.

This concept is rooted in Søren Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Kierkegaard speaks of the path of life that we all walk (the Ballerina’s line). In the course of life, the path will sometimes divide into two. We are forced to stop, think deeply, and decide whether to turn left or to turn right. We must make a decision and continue along the life path we have chosen. And … the wonderful thing is that another fork will appear at another point in the road – offering us the chance to make a new and even wiser choice.

Ideal gift idea for the confirmand or as a gift to a friend who you would like to give some good advice on their journey.


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