Cookie Policy

1. Generally about cookies
1.1 Bit Denmark ApS, the registrant of, utilises cookies on their website in
accordance with this cookie policy. In this section, we will inform you about what cookies are placed on your IT equipment because it follows from the Cookie Order that Danish websites are under obligation to do so.
1.2 A cookie is a text file that allows you to store information or access already stored data
on your computer, tablet, smartphone, terminal equipment and similar devices for the purpose of collecting data
about you as well as recognising the equipment. The data collected from cookies are utilised to, among other things,
analyse your behaviour on the website, and to give you the optimal experience. Because a cookie is a
passive file, it cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious software. There are
both first-party and third-party cookies. Bit Denmark ApS utilises both.
1.3 Bit Denmark ApS places the following first-party cookies:

1.3.1 Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your web browser. Session cookies enable us to remember your preferences as well as to register when
you leave the website.

1.3.2 Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies remain available in your web browser’s subfolders until you manually delete them, or your web browser deletes them based on the duration of
the cookie file. The duration is typically between 30 seconds and 2 years, and for Bit Denmark ApS
the default duration is set to 30 days. Persistent cookies enable us to set visitors apart
from one another and establish if the visitor is a unique visitor in the system used for web statistics. Additionally, the purpose is to collect statistics about when the
visitor visited the website as well as information about where the visitor is from
and where they are going.

1.4 Google Analytics has access to the session cookies and the persistent cookies placed by Bit Denmark
1.5 Bit Denmark ApS places the following third-party cookies:

1.5.1 Facebook-pixels: Facebook-pixel is an analytical tool utilised by Bit Denmark ApS to
measure the effectiveness of our advertising on Facebook through analysing your actions
on our website. With Facebook-Pixel, Bit Denmark ApS collects
data about your activities on our website for direct marketing purposes
on Facebook. You can read more about Facebook pixels here.

1.5.2 Google Analytics cookies: Google Analytics helps website owners measure how
the visitor interacts with content on the website. You can read more about what
cookies Google Analytics places as well as their expiration time here.

1.6 Bit Denmark ApS collects personal data in cookies, including your IP address and Internet behaviour. Bit Denmark ApS refers to our privacy policy for information about the collection and processing of
personal data, which can be found here.
1.7 In case Bit Denmark ApS links to a third-party website, the third-party
website can also collect cookies. Bit Denmark ApS recommends that you read the third party’s cookie policy.

2. How do you delete cookies?
2.1 You can delete cookies in case you no longer wish to store them on your computer, tablet, or other
similar device. This can be done by using the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[DELETE]. In case
this does not work, you can click the links below depending on which browser you are using:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Flash cookies
Apple devices
Android devices

3. Owner Information
Bit Denmark ApS
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3.1 If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact