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Museum for Paper Art

Museum for Paper Art opened in Hune near Blokhus, North Jutland on the 23rd of March 2018.

Museum for Paper Art was founded by the internationally recognised psaligraph Bit Vejle on the 23rd of March 2018. The museum has at its disposal 4 galleries distributed on 850m2, and accommodates both a core exhibition consisting of Bit Vejle’s own works, and temporary exhibitions displaying contemporary art, design, and handicraft that focus solely on paper. In addition, the museum accommodates a paper studio, café and shop.

Museum for Paper Art, which is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia, exhibits, preserves, and communicates knowledge about Danish and international high quality paper art, paper handicraft, and paper design. The ambition is to have the museum be recognised for its exhibitions at a high professional level and be in evidence in museological contexts both nationally and internationally. When you enter Museum for Paper Art, a new and exciting world will unfold before your eyes. A world of sensory perceptions that will change the way you see the white material. Museum for Paper Art is the only art centre in Scandinavia that focuses solely on paper: cut, shaped, folded, ripped or carved. In the museum, you can experience impressive contemporary paper art, paper handicraft, and paper design created by both national and international artists.

Paper is a fascinating material, which has played a central role in everyday life for a long time. The fine sheets, created from fibres derived from wood, have connected people and cultures for centuries, enabling us to write down laws, religions, and historical events.

We have used it to exchange ideas and communicate, to write letters, newspapers, and contracts. Today most of our communication takes place online, and the role of paper in everyday life has changed significantly. But the diverse material holds a vast potential that goes way beyond its traditional use. Paper also makes for great art – psaligraphy, origami, decoupage, sculptures, and other impressive forms of expression.

Visit www.museumforpapirkunst.dk/en for more.

Photo Credit: By Cdesign